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Highspire "Aquatic" CD

Image of Highspire "Aquatic" CD


Long awaited (7 years!) 2nd album by shoegazers Highspire.

Style: early 90's style shoegaze / dream pop. purist shit. not trendy noise, watered down, 30-bands-currently-sound-the-same stuff. if you like ride, slowdive, my bloody valentine, catherine wheel, and chapterhouse, then this is right up your alley.

#1 shoegaze album of 2010 MBSR list
#2 album of the year Shoegazer Alive's "BEST 50 SHOEGAZE ALBUMS OF 2010"
#2 shoegaze album of 2010 Air Atlantic Underground
#3 album of 2010 (tied) I Am the Programmer

Track Listing:
1. just begun
2. what lies before
3. satellite
4. sunraindown
5. glacier
6. dusted
7. dead by dawn
8. all i see is blue
9. standing on an empire
10. it disappears
11. joke's on you